1915: Victor Gasket Manufacturing builds in the Central Manufacturing District.

Built in 1915, manufacturing plant for Victor Gasket, the site is located in the the Central Manufacturing District (CMD), the oldest industrial park in the country. The CMD straddles the South Branch of the Chicago River in the Bridgeport/McKinley Park neighborhoods. In earlier years, the CMD was host to many names linked to Chicago’s history – names like Armour, Spiegel, Sears, Swift, among others.

1947: Spiegel purchases the building.

In 1947, Spiegel purchased the building to supplement their cluster of buildings located nearby on 35th Street.

1963: Illinois Insulation and Construction purchases building as distribution center.

The building was purchased, in 1963, as a new distribution center for Illinois Insulation and Construction after fire destroyed their headquarters on the far South Side.

1981: Price Family purchases building to operate as headquarters for Price Family businesses.

The building was purchased, in 1981, by the Price Family and served as a fabrication and distribution facility, and headquarters for the Price Family businesses until 1998, when the operating businesses were sold to Bay Industries of Green Bay, WI,

1998-2007: Iron Studios Era –  Artist Lofts.

The Prices began to renovate the warehouse into lofts, under the name of “Iron Studios,” providing exhibition and arts-based rental spaces

2007-2015: GEOLOFTS

After being contacted by a large ISP about the possibility of locating a data center in the building, the owners decided to pursue this growing need for data storage.  With a 35 year background in energy conservation and a renewed interest in geothermal heating and cooling, the Prices began to research the feasibility of cooling a data center through the use of geothermal energy.  The addition of specialty insulation systems and the latest technology in fire suppression systems  would help to provide affordable, competitive data storage space.

2015- 36Squared

We secured a permit and began renovating previously occupied artisan/production studio spaces by removing demising walls to open the spaces up to more natural light, refinished all walls and ceilings, refinished the hardwood floors and completed the installation of  high efficiency thermopane windows throughout the building. We also renovated the boilers, doubling their efficiency. We replaced the 800 amp single phase electrical service with new service.



Q. How are the studio rents priced?
A. All small studios (600-2000 SF) are priced between $12 and $16 per SF on an annual basis, with a 1 year lease as the standard agreement. Rates vary depending on floor location, # of windows, and existence of demising walls and can vary with lease duration.

Q. How can I calculate the monthly rate?
A. Multiply the SF of the space by the annual rate and divide by 12. (EX.) 1000 sf @ $14/SF = 14000 annually divided by 12 = $1167 monthly. Therefore, all small studio spaces range between $600 and $2700 per month, Gross.

Q. Are there any additional expenses?
A. THE RENT ON STUDIOS IS GROSS I.E THERE IS NO CAM… MEANING NO UTILITIES, LIKE HEAT AND ELECTRICITY, NO TAX STOPS. The rent is the only monthly expense unless a tenant elects to rent a package AC unit from 36Squared or a secure parking space in the fenced, gated lot. Low speed (2-3 MBPS) internet access is provided throughout the bldg via wireless. For faster web access our in-building provider (DigitalCiti) offers inexpensive packages to accommodate any need, as well as rack space up to a full rack.


Q. What is the planned usage for 36Squared?
A. Our intention is to provide an incubator-like environment where entrepreneurial companies can find properly renovated, inexpensive space to get started, grow and expand without requiring a move to another building. We welcome artisans, professionals and tech start-ups that will complement our tenant base and can provide collaboration with the tenant community.

Q. What kind of uses are permitted in the office/artisan rental spaces?
A. All small studio spaces (600-2000Sf) are set up for work normally conducted in an office space. They are perfect for start-ups and small contractors and service companies. They will accommodate certain artisans and artist activities, craft & photographer studios, but are not set up for welding and/or heavy fabrication, woodworking, etc. and there are no water outlets or waste lines in these spaces. They can also be used for long-term storage.

Q. Are there any prohibited uses?
A. Any activities that are illegal or in violation of the zoning are banned outright. NO AUDIO OR VIDEO PRODUCTION OF ANY KIND IS PERMITTED! NO SPACE CAN BE USED FOR BAND PRACTICE OR ANY LOUD ACTIVITY THAT IMPACTS THE OTHER TENANTS. The spaces are generally not suitable for any type of raw food storage or distribution. Activities that are not listed on the lease agreement will need prior owner approval in writing.

Q. What are the prohibited activities?
A. Tenants are not permitted to host parties or openings in their space without prior approval from the owners. There are specific insurance requirements for such activities and tenants are not permitted to conduct activities that infringe on the privacy of the other tenants.


Q. What are permitted usages?
A. We will consider any activity that we are zoned for (currently PMD 8) that will not disrupt the balance of the tenants. We have individual spaces ranging from 8200 SF that fronts Iron St. and are suitable (and zoned) for a restaurant/coffee shop or a co-working space to 13,000 SF in the rear (west) end of the building that would be suitable for light assembly or a contracting operation.

Q. How are the larger spaces priced.
A. As a privately held building with no liens or mortgages, we have a great deal of flexibility on pricing. The pricing will be based on the size of the space, financial soundness of the lessee, length of lease and the extent of any build-out. Sell us on your concept that is a fit for the building and we will consider working with you to seek any necessary zoning variance.


Q. Why choose 36 Squared:
A. A secure building in a highly secure area of the City. (The CPD and CFD fueling station is at the south end of Iron St. , providing hourly drive-bys on both Iron St. and 37th St. )
A. Onsite Owner/Managers Rick and Monica Price have had their businesses located here since 1979. Onsite Manager Charles Hines has been here for over a decade.
A. As Pilsen rental prices continue to rise, Bridgeport is a great place to locate with great access to public transit and access to all parts of the City.
A. Marz brewing is opening a new larger brew facility and tasting room next door in the next few months. ComEd has opened their new state of the art, smart-grid training facility just north of us on the corner of Iron and 35th St. The nearby Bridgeport Art Center and Zhou B Centers on 35th stay fully occupied and provide a arts vibe in the area. New retail is planned to locate in the Wrigley factory.


Thank you for your interest in 36Squared. Please be sure to review the FAQ before scheduling a tour. This section covers important information about our requirements and answers many questions about our building environment.